Do I really need Technical Illustration?

How overwhelming will it be to buy complex electrical equipment like washing machine or a projector only to discover you are completely clueless about its use? This is why a user manual is needed for every product because without it, you will have a difficult time trying to figure out how a product should be used. The examples here are very basic –in fact, you can guess your way through if your washing machine does not come with a manual.

How about complex and specialized products like heavy machineries and navigation electronics that are too complex for the layman to use? You would agree that without a concise and clear illustration, the layman will get confused and may even compromise the safety of the product.

I have been creating 100+ technical manuals over the last few years. Being as a freelancer technical illustrator, I really enjoyed in working multiple domains (from electronics to architectural; from medical to product illustrations). If you are having such requirement, please do contact me now.


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